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Why Imran Khan Do not Meet in Joint Session


Why Imran Khan Do not Meet in Joint Session Addressing a press conference at Bani Gala today (Thursday), Khan defended his party’s decision to pull out of the joint session of Parliament convened to discuss the Kashmir issue and escalation of ties with India.

Khan said that most of his party men were in favour of attending the session, but he overruled the decision.

“First of all, Nawaz Sharif has been proved a criminal according to the Panama Leaks. I am, therefore, not prepared to accept a criminal as our prime minister,” he said.

“Secondly, Shah Mahmood Qureshi had already attended the meeting of parliamentary leaders, which had given a strong message of solidarity and unity,” he pointed out.

Khan said that the speeches made in the joint session had in fact harmed the unity expressed by party’s leaders.

Imran slams Bilawal’s hypocrisy

“Bilawal Bhutto publicly called Nawaz Sharif a friend of Modi and a thief and yet he was gladly shaking hands with the prime minister in the parliament,’ he said, adding he cannot be such a hypocrite or a big politician.

“I was accused of being a non-patriotic politician. Are these people patriotic whose children are living abroad and they are making money in Pakistan,” he said.