Veena Malik Husband Asad Khattak Performance in PTI Jalsa


Pakistani Celebrity and Actress Veena Malik Husband Asad Khattak Performance in PTI Jalsa Imran Khan’s speech at the founding rally of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) on April 24 was moving. He denounced Nawaz Sharif for transferring assets abroad and evading taxes while a third of Pakistani children are malnourished; for running to London for medical treatments while the resources that should have been invested in healthcare were diverted to Metro bus and train projects. Khan vowed to make Pakistan an Islamic welfare state — as Mohammad Iqbal had dreamed — and assured Pakistanis that they were a great nation held back only by the corruption of their rulers. His story of Pakistani politics is powerful because it so accurately expresses the frustration and longing of citizens, but it is also dangerous because it absolves from accountability both military rulers who have governed Pakistan for nearly half its life, as well as Imran Khan himself, under whose leadership the PTI has become a largely undemocratic party controlled by business interests.