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Shaniera Akram Reaction When Waseem Dance with Girl


Shaniera Akram Reaction When Waseem Dance with Girl Checkout The Reaction Of Pakistani Legendary Cricketer Wife Shaniera Akram When Wasim Akram Was Dancing With Kapil Sharma Host and Entertainer on Show.

The show started off with a funny school incident where the teacher has come to complain about Khajur, a really naught child. Sugandha Mishra started off as a funny teacher with her gibberish English but then the entire incident dragged on quite a bit. The jokes seemed slightly stale and repeated. All Rochelle Maria Rao had to do today was look sexy in a nurse avatar. While Sumona Chakravarti didn’t have much of a role to play, today Sunil Grover was playing two roles – a crazy doctor and a transexual. His accent for both roles was spot on, but neither roles delivered any major laughs.

While the beginning didn’t give us many laughs, when Wasim Akram arrived, the funny switch was turned on. It started off with his funny cricket incidents about his former team mates. We have to say, Wasim is a great sport.(no pun intended) He looked dapper in Pathani suit , in fact fans form the audience talked about how hot he was twenty years ago and how they would swoon over him when he began bowling. The cricketer was visibly happy to be on the show and was enjoying all the jokes and the funny banter.