Group editor of ‘The News’ Newspaper and seniorEditor Shaheen Sehbai Resign Jang Group Over Anti-State Policies ‘The paper is heavily tilted towards one political party.

Known journalist and group editor of The News, Shaheen Sehbai today tendered his resignation to editor-in-chief, Mir Shakilur Rehman. Sehbai, in his tweet, said ‘enough is enough’ and that he will explain the reasons to quit Jang Group soon.

according to initial details, Sehbai announced the news on his official Twitter account.

Sehbai wrote on his Twitter “I QUIT THE JANG GROUP: Friends, I have resigned as the Group Editor of The News. I will give reasons soon. As they say, ‘Enough is Enough’ ”

The facilitators and supporters of terrorists and corrupt elements in the country are using the plundered wealth in the fight against the state itself, slammed Shaheen Sehbai.

He went on to say that being the group editor, he is not listened to, adding, “I cannot furnish explanations for the decisions I have not made”.

“It is impossible to impose anti-state policies on professional editors including me,” Sehbai castigated in his resignation.