Home News Racer Ashwin Sundar death in tragic Chennai crash

Racer Ashwin Sundar death in tragic Chennai crash


The car crash early on Saturday, which claimed the lives of national racing champion Ashwin Sundar and his wife Niveditha, is a tragic reminder of the need for increased safety on Indian roads.

Ashwin was driving a BMW Z4, a two-seater, two-door roadster, which is inherently a ‘very safe car’ from the German luxury brand. But, even as the police investigate the cause of the crash and the subsequent fire and the car manufacturer refuses to offer an official statement of the cause until the investigation is completed, it may be worthwhile to separate fact from fiction so that we may learn to be safer on the road.

Ashwin Sundar is a former national champion, having won the Formula 4 national title twice. He had also won the MRF Formula 1600 International Challenge competition on two occasions.

At the beginning of his career, Sundar had lifted the MRF Formula Mondial National Championship twice.