ISLAMABAD: Ministry of Climate Change on Tuesday affirmed its interest in COP22 gave a chance to connote accomplishments rolled out in tending to atmosphere improvement regardless of being unfavorably affected.

The declaration was made by government Minister for Climate Change while tending to the question and answer session in Islamabad.

He kept up that the world group was educated that Pakistan’s commitment to a worldwide temperature alteration is negligible. We discharge under 1% of aggregate yearly worldwide nursery gas emanations. However we are positioned among the main ten nations most defenseless against environmental change.

“Pakistan’s interest gave a chance to mean accomplishments rolled out in tending to atmosphere improvement regardless of being unfavorably affected”, said by the Federal Minister for Climate Change Zahid Hamid.

Pakistan today confronts a few noteworthy dangers identifying with environmental change, including cold liquefy, variable rainstorm, repetitive surges, and ascend in ocean level, higher normal temperatures and higher recurrence of dry spells. A great many individuals are influenced and giant harm is brought on repeating premise.

Pakistan has additionally built up a National Sustainable Development Strategy, and nineteenth February, 2016 Pakistan turned out to be maybe the main nation on the planet whose National Assembly passed a consistent Resolution receiving the SDGs Agenda as its own particular national advancement motivation.

“These dangers posture real survival attentiveness toward Pakistan, especially in connection to the nation’s water security, sustenance security and vitality security. They additionally have huge antagonistic outcomes for all financial segments, blocking our capacity to advance reasonable development and improvement and monetary success of our kin “highlighted by the pastor.

Pakistan Parliament is additionally the primary Parliament on the planet to wind up totally “”green”” by changing over 100% to sunlight based vitality.

As a major aspect of our arrangements to advance renewable vitality, we are building the world’s biggest 1000 MW sun oriented stop.

To advance compelling preservation and effective utilization of vitality we have likewise established the National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act, 2016.Launch of PMs Green Pakistan Program to be actualized everywhere throughout the nation to the tune of Rs. 2 billion.