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KPK Government Lift Banned on Maalik


KPK Government Lift Banned on Maalik and Allow to Screen this Pakistani Bollywood Movie in KPK Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, cinema owners to screen Ashir Azeem’s movie Maalik over corruption.

The provincial government refused the sanction over film ‘Malik’ from central censor board and announced to screen the film in KPK cinemas.

Talking to Dawn News information Minister Mushtaq Ghani expressed that a person has tried to expose corruption but the government banned the film ‘Malik’, it should be on air all over the country.

Last day Federal government has issued a notification in which federal government announced to ban film ‘Malik’ without mentioning the reason, similarly Sindh government had also announced a banning notification over ‘Malik’ however is has taken back after a few hours.

Mushtaq Ghani further added that there is not even a single inch of place for corruption in KPK and the film ‘Malik’ should be the screen to know general masses about corruption.

There should be free hand for the screening of film all over the country as per constitution of Pakistan.

If one person has targeted in a film then the part can be edited but banning the whole film is beyond reasons, Ghani maintained.