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Kapil Sharma Fight with Sunil Grover Media Report


Few hours after introducing his lady love Ginni to the world through social media, Kapil Sharma came in news once again for all the wrong reasons.

While returning from Melbourne and Sydney after performing a stage show, an incident took place when Sunil was seated on his seat and Kapil suddenly walked up to him and allegedly started hurling abuses.

In the show, Sunil plays several characters including Dr Mashoor Gulati, Rinku Devi, Suryaprakash, and a few others. If he leaves, it will affect the show and both Kapil and Sunil’s fans. Sources say he will hold a discussion with the producers before taking the step. But, exactly what transpired between Kapil and Sunil during a flight from Melbourne?

Sources close to The Kapil Sharma Show informed us that Sunil is very hurt with Kapil’s disrespectful behaviour and is in no mood to return to the show. It is not the first time that the TKSS host has behaved in such a manner. It has now become a matter of respect for Sunil and it would be beyond his dignity to stay back on the show as he was not at fault.