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Game of Thrones: Jon Snow Should Have Stayed Dead

Back from the dead: Jon Snow continues to trend on Twitter in Pakistan after the latest Game of Thrones’ episode saw him return back to life.


Sunday night, Game of Thrones hero Jon Snow opened his eyes, took a deep shuddering breath, and did exactly what so many viewers and book readers expected him to do: he came back from the dead. In doing so he made Westeros just a little bit more secure, as a potential line of defense against the encroaching White Walkers. But is what’s best for the citizens of Westeros what’s best for the series?

We all knew Jon Snow was well past dead after he had been stabbed numerous times at the end of season five last year. However, this is Game of Thrones we’re talking about and in a show where you have White Walker, dragons, dwarves, and giants, bringing someone back from the dead was never a long shot. The handsome Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch was brought back to life via Lady Melisandre’s magic, as fans across the world (and across Pakistan as well) heaved a sigh of relief.

Jon Snow trended in Pakistan on Twitter in Pakistan yesterday and continued to trend as well today. Here are some of the tweets which were doing the rounds on micro-blogging site Twitter.