American Extremism Lady and Partner Badly Beat Muslim Taxi Driver


A Muslim taxi driver was viciously attacked by a female passenger and her partner while laughing bystanders filmed for their entertainment.
Shahid Iqbal, 50, says he was punched and bitten by the couple after he kicked them out of his cab for refusing to pay a £7 fare in the morning of December 1.

Trouble flared when the female passenger allegedly tried to grab the steering wheel and started demanding ‘£80 for my children’.

When Mr Iqbal pulled over and dialled 999, he says she bit his hand to prevent him calling for help.
The father-of-five said a group of ‘very large men’ stood and watched him being assaulted for ‘entertainment’ and a video was later shared on social media.
In the sickening footage – taken in Normanton, Derby – one of the men approaches the driver’s car as he is scuffling with the woman.
Rather than help, he knocks on the window and sings: ‘Yo yo yo, worldstar’ – a line from a song by US rapper Childish Gambino.
The woman then leans over and slaps Mr Iqbal hard in the face as he opens his door to get out.
The witness shouts: ‘Oooh, bredrin. Bredrin’ and carries on singing as the shaken driver emerges and appeals for calm.